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  • Valparaiso through the Eyes of Pablo Neruda

    Few artists have made such an impact on their country’s identity and ideology as Pablo Neruda. A Nobel Prize winning Chilean poet, his work is celebrated both locally and distributed across the globe. But it was his personal life, which captivated audiences and grabbed the headlines. From scandalous affairs to assassination rumors, Neruda’s life was an infinite source of intrigue. Hailing from the beautiful port city of Valparaiso, we can gleam a bit more about him from his adopted home, which no doubt inspired much of his work. Here’s how to explore Valparaiso and witness the impact it had on his life.

  • Exploring the Cuisine of Valparaiso

    Chilean poet Pablo Neruda once wrote in Ode to Valparaiso, “Valparaiso, how absurd you are, what a lunatic, crazy port,” perfectly summing up the aesthetic of this quirky city by the sea. Ravaged by fire and earthquakes through much of its history, Valparaiso has thrived in the face of adversity, all the while developing a culture unique from the rest of Chile. A feast for the eyes and stomach, nowhere is this more evident than the cuisine. Let’s take a look at a few dishes that make Valparaiso the perfect destination for foodies from around the globe.

  • Chile a la Carte with Carolina Bazán

    By Nora Walsh

    Chile is widely known for its premium wines that are sipped around the world. As its emblematic varietals continue to rise in quality, Chile’s gastronomy scene is keeping pace. The country’s established and up-and-coming chefs are putting their stamp on contemporary Chilean cuisine by refining traditional recipes using local, and many times indigenous, ingredients to make Chile’s indelible mark on South America and the culinary world.

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