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  • Ingapirca: Temples of the Sun and Moon

    One of my favorite aspects of Ingapirca, one of the most important and impressive archaeological complexes in Ecuador, is its lunar and solar “calendars”.

    On one hand, we have the lunar calendar: seemingly rudimentary boulders laid around in a haphazard semicircle, carved along the top with a series of small holes. They belonged to the Cañari civilization that existed in the area before the arrival of the Incas, a civilization that based its belief system on the Moon.

  • Q’eswachaca: The Inca’s Straw Bridge

    Every year, the Q`eswachaca bridge is rebuilt, keeping alive an Inca tradition. Building this bridge made out of Puna grassland, called Ichu, was the only way settlers could cross the rivers in their time. This used to be part of a network of bridges in the Cuzco region and now is the only one of its kind, which exists thanks to the local villagers.

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