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  • Win a 9-Day Culinary Adventure in Chile

    If you’re not a food lover and Chile-phile before this 9-day trip, you will be after it. Should you be fortunate enough to be the Grand Prize Winner of our Chile A La Carte sweepstakes, you and a guest will take a trip your palates–and your spirits–will never forget. The trip begins with a flight to Santiago, Chile (on LAN, of course, where you’ll experience our award-winning in-flight service), then a quick transfer for a flight to beautiful Chiloé Island. Here you’ll go horse trekking on the beach, kayaking through scenic bays–even take a private yacht tour. You’ll stay at a well established eco-lodge, where you’ll enjoy spectacular meals.

  • Photo: Nine Peruvian Dishes You Need To Know

    Nine Peruvian Dishes You Need To Know

    If you wanted to learn as much as you could about Peruvian cuisine in only nine dishes, what would they be? It’s okay if you don’t know the answer, the nice people at Thrillist have done the research for you. It’s a nice way to learn a bit before you plan your Peruvian vacation.

  • Photo: Gallery Peru

    A Foodie’s Photo Gallery Peru

    Professional food photographer Matt Armendariz recently visited Peru with fellow foodies Gaby Dalkin and Adam Pearson. While Matt certainly captured the mouth-watering beauty of Peruvian cuisine, he didn’t limit his subjects to what was on the plate. Matt also snapped a cornucopia of Peruvian ingredients, where they’re grown and the breath-taking Peruvian landscape. We hope you enjoy Matt’s work, it’s clear he does.

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