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  • Photo: Maia Gambis

    Visions of the Great Pacific

    For several years after I graduated from college, one of my favorite things to do was take extended periods off from the humdrum of the city and travel up and down the Ecuadorian Pacific Coast, visiting different fishing villages, beaches, staying in friends’ beach homes or cheap 5 dollar-a-night rooms way back when 5 dollars for a room on the beach was actually not only a possibility, but a heavenly retreat.

  • 3 Top Nature Destinations

    Peru is considered one of the most- biodiverse countries in the world with some unbeatable records such as number one in diversity of butterflies and number two on birds species. If you are a nature lover, Peru offers not only lively culture but unique experiences in diverse ecosytems.

  • Strolling Guayaquil

    Carved by the rivers and estuaries, which find their outlet to the sea in this warm and humid expanse of urbanity, Guayaquil, Ecuador’s largest city, offers visitors a blend of nature, history, and tradition. Here are eight great places to check out as you stroll around the city:

  • Photo: Brandon

    A Brief Tour Down the Coast of Ecuador

    There is only one thing Ecuadorians have on their mind in the month of August–the beach. This is the month when the people of the sierra (highlands) head for the coast. And it is undoubtedly Ecuador’s most under-appreciated destination by international tourists. Everyone comes for the Galapagos and the jungle while skipping one third of the country’s richest tourism destinations.

  • Photo: Mathias

    The Whales are Back!

    Few people outside of Ecuador realize how popular the coastal region is, not just for nationals who like to escape to the beach – particularly those who live in the Andes – but another entire population invades the coastal waters from June to September—whales!  They come from Chile, Argentina, and even points further south.

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