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  • Valparaiso’s Notes

    Valparaiso, once known as “the Jewel of the Pacific,” has been through it all and seen it all. Once a wealthy and prosperous port, the city suffered severe decline with the opening of the Panama Canal. Things have changed, again, with a burgeoning tourism industry bringing waves of new visitors to Valpo—as it’s known to locals. Drawn to the artistic atmosphere and laid-back vibe, travelers have embraced the colorful chaos that is Chile’s second-largest city.

  • Guide to volcanoes in Chile

    The Ring of Fire stretches 40,000 miles, nearly encircling the entire Pacific Ocean, and is home to the vast majority of the world’s volcanoes. Nearly all of Chile lies within the volatile zone, and the country contains almost 100 active volcanoes. Volcanoes can be found in virtually all parts of Chile, from the dry northern Atacama, throughout the waterlogged Lake District and into the icy southern reaches. This guide will take a look at some of the most spectacular cones spread around the land.

  • Pucón Restaurants

    Located in Chile’s central Lake District, and resting under the seemingly benevolent gaze of the snow-capped Villarrica volcano, the town of Pucón has long been a favorite stop for adventure-oriented travelers. This group traditionally works up a good appetite, and considers culinary exploration part of the adventure, so it should come as no surprise that Pucón has more than its fair share of interesting dining options. Here are a few that particularly stand out.

  • Pick Your Poison

    Chile is celebrated for its variety and breadth of natural beauty. The lucky people of Santiago have grown accustomed to having options when it comes to outdoor recreation, but they’ve taken it indoors (and onto rooftops!), as well. The city has a diverse nightlife scene, with a little bit of something for everyone. These five bars will have you covered, no matter your pleasure.

  • Protected Natural Beauty in Chile

    From north to south, top to bottom, Chile is home to some of the most spectacular natural beauty on the planet. Stretching over 2,500 miles from north to south, Chile covers an incredibly vast range of geographic and climate zones. Chileans appreciate the natural wonders of their country, and have done an excellent job of preserving the natural terrain. Chile boasts a long list of national parks, covering over 9 million hectares. Here are six of the most prominent:

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