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  • Birds in Otavalo: Condor Park

    Joep Hendriks created Parque Condor some ten years ago. Who would have thought it would become the perfect way to couple the Otavalo experience.

    If you’ve never been to Ecuador, Otavalo is a definite must-see. It probably ranks second after the Galapagos Islands in terms of places to visit in Ecuador, as South America’s largest indigenous market. But Parque Cóndor, in itself a very different adventure located only minutes away from Otavalo, is a great natural complement to the cultural explosion the town itself offers visitors from around the world.

  • Brazil: A Birder’s Paradise

    Birding may not be on the mainstream travelers to-do list, but it’s serious business nonetheless, and Brazil is a bombshell for birdwatching. South America has the largest number of bird species of any continent and Brazil is among the top three countries in the world with over 1832 cataloged species and soaring higher.  And while Hollywood might have poked fun at the birdwatching lifestyle in Jack Black, Owen Wilson and Steve Martin’s The Big Year (2011), there are a lot of people who get very excited about our fine-feathered friends.

  • Photo: Peter Meier

    Ecuador Birding

    For many, birding is a numbers game. All serious birders keep a list, referred to as the Life List, which is the complete list of bird species seen (and documented) during a lifetime. Realistically, how many birds can you see before you die? Assuming you never left your own country, Ecuadorians could probably see twice as many as U.S. citizens.

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