Visit South America and you will discover that some of the most ambitious culinary explorations in the world today are here. A vast portfolio of world-class chefs are both embracing and challenging a rich heritage of fine and popular dining. From the renowned steakhouses of Argentina, to Brazil’s indulgent churrascarias, to the myriad mouth-watering varieties of Peruvian ceviche, a visit to South America is one your palate won’t soon forget.

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  • Lima Cool

    By Marco Aviles, in Magazine Photos by: Daniel Silva A treasure-filled bookstore only open in the afternoon, the town's second-best cebichería and an art space where pop reigns supreme - come along on an alternate route through Peru's ever-changing capital. La Kasa Roja 11:00. Art in the morning In the early 1960s, Andy Warhol came across a particularly boring portrait of Chairman Mao and decided to bathe it in tutti-frutti colors. Pop art entered the realm of politics, and this silk-screen painting was an example of how it could add cheer to such serious territory. Germán Quino, a.k.a. Cherman, is known as the Peruvian Warhol for the pop spin he gives to historical figures from presidents to national heroes. His colorful technique is widely…
  • Lima Cool

    By Marco Aviles, in Magazine Photos by: Daniel Silva A treasure-filled bookstore only open in the afternoon,…
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    Quito historical district
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