3 Top Nature Destinations

Peru is considered one of the most- biodiverse countries in the world with some unbeatable records such as number one in diversity of butterflies and number two on birds species. If you are a nature lover, Peru offers not only lively culture but unique experiences in diverse ecosytems.

Top nature destinations:

1. Macaws at the Tambopata National Reserve
It might be because I used to work as a guide here or because I love forests but I am in love with these trees, river and birds.

In this reserve you can find something very special, Tambopata Macaw Project, established in 1989, conducts research on macaw ecology and assists with the conservation of psitacids (parrots).

You can volunteer or visit the project as a tourist and experience the colorful activity on the clay lick, where macaws gather every day and offer a once-in-a-life experience. Tours from 5 days/4 nights are available with Rainforest Expeditions, which manages the lodge at the research center. Essentials to take: good binoculars, longs sleeve t-shirts and rubber boots. How to get there: Lima-Puerto Maldonado (2-hour flight). The lodge picks you from the airport and then you board a dug-out motor canoe up the Tambopata River.

2. Spectacled bears at Chaparri 

Chaparri Reserve, Peru | Travel with LAN Airlines

Chaparri Reserve, photo by Chaparri Reserve

Chaparri is a private conservation area where spectacled bears, white-winged guans and tumbes tyrants live, among other endemic species in the dry forest. It is two hours from Chiclayo, in northern Perú. The lodge is managed by locals and it’s located at the foot of Chaparri mountain, sacred to the Moches (Pre Inca culture who settled in the area). You can stay at beautiful cottages and enjoy natural pools. The lodge itself was built out of mud and local materials, resembling Moche architecture. The dry season is the best time to enjoy the reserve, from April to October. However, if you come during the rainy season you will enjoy a lush, green landscape, which is great too! For more information or pictures of this oasis, visit the Chaparri Lodge website.

3. Whale watching at Los Organos
If you’ve already decided to head to northern Perú, you should stop at Los Organos, located in Piura (15 minutes from famous Mancora beach and a two hour flight from Lima). From August to October you can watch humpback whales in their journey from the Antartic to northern Peru for breeding. You may even see newborn calves by their mothers. For a taste of this indescribable experience, check out this video of a whale watching trip.

Happy wildlife watching!


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