Where To Eat, Drink, Be Merry and Watch the World’s Biggest Football Tournament

We’re nearly there now. In just a few days, Brazil will kickoff the world’s biggest football tournament on home turf against Croatia in São Paulo and one of the greatest months of sport will be off and running. Will you be there? We sure will!

If you’re coming to Brazil and have tickets to matches, you aren’t likely to have any trouble whatsoever finding a tailgate thrown by your respective country, a party on the way to the stadium or a Brazilian or 100 to show you some caipirinha– and samba-fueled homegrown hospitality. Enjoy yourself – this is what Brazil does best!

Many bars are hosting soccer parties

Many bars are hosting soccer parties – photo courtesy of Kevin Raub

If you couldn’t manage tickets to any games, no worries! There is no shortage of goodtime locations to soak up the atmosphere, knock back bottomless glasses of ice-cold chopp (draft beer) and mingle amongst a league of nations with a common goal: Make this the most memorable football tournament ever!

Soccer fans watching the game

Soccer fans watching the game – photo courtesy of Kevin Raub

In each of the tournament host cities, official parties will take place (even Recife will throw a party, which was previously canceled due to lack of funds and/or security concerns, but was announced as back on this past April). These officially-sanctioned parties will be held in prominent public squares and beaches in each city and will feature giant LED displays broadcasting matches live, food and drink, concerts, cultural programs and a whole boatload of people soaking up the Carnaval-like atmosphere. Otherwise, there will be plenty of bars and restaurants throughout Brazil hosting parties as well, many of which will have cover charges and drink minimums during games. If your heart is set on watching games at a particular bar or restaurant, it’s best to call ahead to see if reservations for tables are accepted – otherwise, prepare yourself for a battle of wills and elbows! Below we have compiled a list of Fan Fest locations as well as some of our favorite football bars in each host city.

Excitement during the game

Excitement during the game – photo courtesy of Kevin Raub

Your Brazil Insider will be live-Tweeting, Instagraming and Vining from games, parties, football bars and other points of interest all over Brazil throughout the tournament. If you’d like to get in on the action, follow @RaubOntheRoad (Twitter), @kevinraub (Instagram) and Kevin Raub (Vine).

Official Party & Great Football Bars in Each Host City:

1. Belo Horizonte

Official Party: Expominas

Where to Drink: Pinguim

2. Brasília

Official Party: Taguaparque

Where to Drink: Choperia Maracanã

3. Cuiabá

Official Party: Parque de Exposicoes

Where to Drink: Choppão

4. Curitiba

Official Party: Pedreira Paulo Leminski

Where to Drink: Aos Democratas

5. Fortaleza

Official Party: Praia de Iracema (Aterrão)

Where to Drink: Boteco Praia

6. Manaus

Official Party: Ponta Negra

Where to Drink: Touchdown

7. Natal

Official Party: Praia do Forte

Where to Drink: Decky

8. Porto Alegre

Official Party: Anfiteatro Pôr do Sol

Where to Drink: Chalé da Praça XV 

9. Recife

Official Party: Cais da Alfandega

Where to Drink: Portal do Derby 

10. Rio de Janeiro

Official Party: Praia de Copacabana

Where to Drink: Mud Bug Sports Bar 

11. Salvador

Official Party: Aeroclube (under evaluation by the Host City)

Where to Drink: Porto Brasil

12. São Paulo

Official Party: Vale do Anhagabau

Where to Drink: Boteco São Bento (Itaim)

TAM operates nearly 50 flights per week between Miami, New York and Orlando to São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. From there, domestic flights are available to all host cities.


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