24 hours in Lima

Lima is a huge city with a population of almost 9 million “Limeños”. As in any big city there are interesting things happening all around. But where to go if you have a free day? Don’t worry, I will give you recommendations on culture, gastronomy, and nature that you can enjoy walking or by bike.

You can hire a tour bike as part of a group or if you are more adventurous you can go by yourself. You will find it by following this route:

If you are in Miraflores, follow the sidewalk along the Pacific Ocean until you reach Barranco. This traditional district was a 19th Century seaside resort for locals who owned the beautiful houses which still adorn the streets today. It is also the birthplace of many artists and you can still feel the bohemian atmosphere. You will find many of the city’s important art galleries such as Lucia de la Puente, Cecilia Gonzalez and 80m².

In front of Barranco´s Main Plaza is Cafe Bissetti, where you can try one of the best Peruvian coffees and delight with the magical El Hada artisan ice cream.  In the back you will find a cozy terrace to relax and enjoy a book.

If you would like to have an organic infusion from the Sacred Valley of the Incas you can’t miss La Bodega Verde. It is located almost in front of the Sigh Bridge. Ask anyone and they will show you.  It also features an area for children to have fun and play board games. The main room has a gallery where local artists exhibit.  Take in the art while trying delicious dishes such as Escondido de Langostinos (hidden shrimps) or Sopa de invierno (winter soup).

After relaxing you should continue along the main road to Pedro de Osma Museum, located on the avenue of the same name. Here you will find one of the finest collections of Peruvian Virreinal art with unique paintings, furniture, textiles and books. You can visit from Tuesdays to Sundays, 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., entrance fee S/.20 ($8). For more information visit their website.

To finish the day keep riding until you reach the Chorrillos seafront to enjoy the sunset and an unbeatable view of Lima bay.


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