Exploring Gourmet Buenos Aires: One Food Tour, and One “Anti-Tour”

Perhaps you’ve heard: Buenos Aires’ culinary scene has been undergoing a metamorphosis. In the not very distant past, if you weren’t in the mood for grilled meat, pasta, or tapas – the latter two a throwback to the city’s Italian and Spanish heritage – you were out of luck at dinnertime. Today, a growing number of innovative chefs bring much-needed diversity to the city’s dining sphere, while others focus on perfecting traditional recipes for an increasingly discerning clientele. Of course, the foodie scene isn’t necessarily easy to access: as any traveler who’s ever visited a large city can attest, it’s easy to overspend on a mediocre meal. Enter the professional epicures. Though the following two services are quite different – the first a socially-minded food tour, the second a personalized ‘anti-tour’ through the city’s lesser – known food highlights – both provide invaluable entry into gourmet Buenos Aires.

Fuudis: The Social Dining Tour

Call it ‘food-hopping,’ or liken it to a progressive dinner party. The socially oriented gourmet tours run by Fuudis are a hit with foodie tourists and local connoisseurs alike. Started by Australian Anne Reynolds and Argentinian Marina Ponzi, a pair of culinary enthusiasts who also founded the first Buenos Aires Food Week in April, the company creates eclectic eating and drinking “experiences”.

Fuudis tours are a hit with foodie tourists – photo courtesy of Santiago Brusa

The standard gourmet tour, held in rotating barrios from Palermo Soho to San Telmo, leads groups of 25-30 people through several bars and restaurants in a single evening. In addition to sampling well-chosen wines paired with a food course at each venue, guests have the chance to interact with chefs, sommeliers, and, perhaps most importantly, other like-minded diners. These days, with most standard tours fully booked, the company is branching out: the foodie duo now offers ice cream tastings, cooking classes and ‘Art + Gourmet’ pop-ups in collaboration with local chefs and visual artists, and they’re about to debut Lunch Tours, set to take place every Friday.

Pick Up the Fork: The Foodie’s ‘Anti-Tour’

The storied food writer behind Pick Up the Fork – a thoroughly witty and wise food blog covering the Buenos Aires food scene – loves to eat well. But she doesn’t love going on tours. That’s why restaurateurs and culinary travelers seeking highly curated food experiences turn to Allie Lazar, a Chicago native who’s been dining and drinking her way through the Argentinian capital for more than seven years.

Pick Up the Fork “anti-tour” – photo courtesy of Allie Lazar

Lazar specializes in creating fully customizable, off-the-beaten-path itineraries that take foodies on tasting tours through traditional marketplaces and hidden cafes, to hole-in-the-wall ethnic eateries and to the open windows of street food trucks. Though the gourmet ‘anti-tour’ is privately arranged at present, look for more a more standardized weekly version of the excursion, forthcoming later in 2013.

Customizable, off-the-beaten-path food itineraries – photo courtesy of Allie Lazar

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