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Many countries would be happy to have one spectacular coastline, Colombia has two. Many countries would be delighted to have one “cordillera,” or mountain range, Colombia has three. From the Caribbean beaches of Cartagena, to the Amazon rainforest, to the high altitude capital of Bogota, Colombia offers a rich panoply of natural and cultural wonders. The most species of birds and butterflies, seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the oldest constitutional democracy in South America and arguably the world’s finest coffee—Colombia never fails to delight.

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  • Cartagena Re-writes Itself

    By Carlos Serrano, in Magazine Photos by: Alvaro Delgado With a cool, new vibe that has earned it the nickname “JetSetManí,” this neighborhood represents the best and most cosmopolitan aspects of the city where Gabriel García Márquez wrote some of his most memorable stories. The best way to get to know Getsemaní isn’t with a map in your hand but by losing yourself in its unusual mix of styles that offers a new way to explore, dance, eat and drink in the city of Cartagena de Indias. On the streets of Getsemaní, you’ll feel the heartbeat of an area filled with history, which has recently been the setting for Cartagena’s vibrant transformation. Unlike the Old Quarter, which has a well-established elegant, romantic and timeless…
  • Cartagena Re-writes Itself

    By Carlos Serrano, in Magazine Photos by: Alvaro Delgado With a cool, new vibe that has earned…
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