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  • Galapagos Icon: Pinnacle Rock

    Galapagos’ monument par excellence, its Tower of Pisa, is known as Pinnacle Rock. Although it is a natural monument (let’s just say it’s some kind of hill), legend has it, it is also partially manmade.

    Its peculiar figure, like a shark’s tooth jetting out from the sea, was purportedly created during US Navy shooting practice. I can only envision some kind of missile blowing off what joined the monolith to the rest of the geological formation found to one side of it. In any case, it is quite the spectacle.

  • Galapagos Islands: Isla Fernandina

    It seems fit to say that one of the most fascinating sites in the Galapagos island chain would be one of the most remote. Isla Fernandina, the archipelago’s westernmost ‘outpost’, is a place whose journey to experience it is truly worth the adventurer’s soul.

    A confined, non-inhabited heap of lava (non-inhabited by man, that is), among the youngest islands on our planet, Fernandina is actually going through the process of being born. A veritable last frontier, the vastest of the vast Pacific Ocean officially begins here.

  • Take a Vega Home

    Speaking of heritage artwork in Ecuador that you may want to take back home with you, I’d like to introduce to you a certain Eduardo Vega. One of the country’s foremost potters, Eduardo Vega is sure to impress you on your visit to Cuenca, or so I’d like to conjecture. Here, you’ll be able to discover the master’s gallery and workshop, located in his own home, which incidentally is only a few steps away from a nice sightseeing stop, Turi Church. The lookout point offers the most spectacular view of the city of Cuenca.

  • 6 Things to Bring Back from Ecuador

    Of course, this list is completely arbitrary. I’ve also tried not to be too mainstream. I don’t want to be like everyone else out there, so I’ve decided to ignore Otavalo for now (I shall revisit, worry not) and speak of signature items that represent Ecuador’s exciting cultural heritage in a more contemporary, off-beat way. Each item is from a different corner of the country.

    Six is a short list, but hey, it’s a good start!

  • Guayaquil: A City in the Mangroves

    Guayaquil is the largest city in Ecuador. It is Ecuador’s concrete jungle par excellence, an urban hub along the Pacific coast that has become accustomed to cement, skyscrapers and development projects that extend every which way along the highways, byways, and freeways that connect it to the rest of the country. But as much as there are streets and sidewalks and bridges and balconies, doors and public parking lots, there are mangroves.

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