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    When you think of Rio de Janeiro, lots of exciting and intriguing images come to mind, but a forest? The Tijuca Forest is a Brazilian national park located in the city of Rio, and considered the largest urban forest in the world. It covers over 12 square miles, and contains plenty of interesting attractions to discover.

  • The Charms of Olinda

    Every major city has suburbs, but not many of them are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. But three miles north of the bustling city of Recife, on Brazil’s northeast coast, the small town of Olinda is exactly that.
    What makes Olinda so special is much more than its historic significance, it’s also the small town’s unique charm. But first, the history.
  • An ecotourism dream

    If you’re interested in ecotourism, Brazil should be near the top of your Places To Visit list. There’s a huge variety of ecotourism attractions and opportunities in the world’s fifth largest country. But first, what, exactly, is ecotourism?
  • The great cathedrals of Rio

    Given that there are more Catholics in Brazil than in any other country in the world–almost two-thirds of Brazilians are Catholic–it should come as no surprise that the country is home to a massive number of gorgeous, inspiring cathedrals. And while the city of Rio de Janeiro is home to spectacular beaches and mountains, Rio also boasts its fair share of cathedrals worth a visit.

  • Plataforma Samba Show

    Beautiful dancers in elaborate costumes, soul-shaking drumbeats, a swirling celebration of color–it’s small wonder Carnival in Rio is one of the world’s most popular attractions.

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