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  • Surfs Up Ecuador

    Some 20 year ago, the surfing world discovered Ecuador, and conversely, Ecuador discovered surfing. We can’t really say that ‘hoards’ of surfers from every corner of the globe suddenly flooded Ecuador’s beaches to surf… That would be grossly inaccurate. But such things as ‘surfing towns’ did bud from out of nowhere and exes were placed on the map identifying where the best waves brewed.

  • Photo: Andres04

    Surfing in Chile

    Chile’s long, narrow geography with 3,000 miles of coastline, mean visitors and locals can have beach access almost any time they want, and even go from the Andes to the Pacific in a single day. Every beach, from north to south (and on Easter Island) has its own personality, with some being connected to fishing villages, while others are right outside of cities, and bring together families on weekends and all summer long. Some are protected, shallow coves with calm water, and some frothy and rocky. And then there are the surf beaches.

  • Photo: Maia Gambis

    Visions of the Great Pacific

    For several years after I graduated from college, one of my favorite things to do was take extended periods off from the humdrum of the city and travel up and down the Ecuadorian Pacific Coast, visiting different fishing villages, beaches, staying in friends’ beach homes or cheap 5 dollar-a-night rooms way back when 5 dollars for a room on the beach was actually not only a possibility, but a heavenly retreat.

  • Photo: Joe N

    Surfing in Northern Peru

    Every year hundreds of surfers from around the world come to visit north and south coast of Peru, famous for its year-round warm water and uncrowded break points. But the surfing history in Peru began further back than you probably imagine.

  • Photo: I.D. R.J.

    We Don’t Need Snow to Go Skiing

    When you think of the world’s top skiing destinations, Colombia probably doesn’t immediately spring to mind.

    That’s fine, though, because it shouldn’t. There’s only one region of Colombia where it snows – fittingly named Los Nevados (The Snowcapped Mountains) – and there’s hardly enough there to bother hauling snowshoes up the mountain, much less a full pair of skis.

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