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  • Gretchen Bleiler:
    Protecting Winter… All Year Long

    Gretchen Bleiler is one of the most accomplished women in all of snowboarding. She’s an Olympic Silver Medalist; four-time X-Games Gold Medalist; two-time US Open Champion; World Cup Champion; World Superpipe Champion; Espy Award Winner and more. Gretchen lives in Aspen, and is on the Board of Directors of Protect Our Winters (POW), a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing climate change’s effects on snow-based sports and local mountain communities. As a part of the Peak Seasons promotion, LAN will be making a donation to POW.

  • Gretchen Bleiler: Crossing the Equator with a Snowboard

    Gretchen Bleiler is one of the most accomplished women in all of snowboarding. She’s an Olympic Silver Medalist; four-time X-Games Gold Medalist; two-time US Open Champion; World Cup Champion; World Superpipe Champion; Espy Award Winner and more. Gretchen lives in Aspen, and has ridden at Chile’s Valle Nevado numerous times, so who better to shed some insight on the two resorts featured in our Peak Seasons promotion?

  • Photo: 2ilorg

    Skiing with the Pros in Chile

    In addition to incredible terrain, with alpine bowls, sleep couloirs, and plentiful square miles of ungroomed slopes, Chile has what no country in the northern hemisphere has to offer: Off-season snow. Because while it’s off-season in the United States, Canada, and Europe, Chile’s ski season is just getting underway. From June to October, you can find some of the world’s best skiing just a few hours drive from Santiago, Chile.

  • Family-Friendly Skiing in Chile

    More and more, families are realizing that traveling with small children is easier than they think. Chile is very child-friendly year-round, and for the upcoming southern winter (June through September), skiing with kids is a cinch. And if your kids are too little to ski, or don’t yet know how, here are several resorts that will keep them entertained, regardless.

    Near Santiago, there are several ski areas that cater to families traveling with children, including Portillo, Valle Nevado, La Parva and Colorado/Farrellones. In the south, families traveling with slightly older children should try the spa and resort at Chillán for family-friendly skiing and relaxation.

  • Ski Arpa

    For pristine, above-the-treeline back-country skiing, tremendous vertical drop and the opportunity to ski in the shadow of Aconcagua, South America’s tallest peak, cat-skiing at Ski Arpa, has an offer that is unparalleled in Chile, and much of the world. Add to that the fact that Chilean winter comes during North America’s “off season” period, and the decision is simple.

  • Argentina’s Most Scenic Ski Resort

    At Chapelco Ski Resort, near the town of San Martín de los Andes, the stunning scenery nearly outshines the thrills of the slopes. Mount Chapelco looms 6,496 feet above cerulean Lake Lácar, and many of its twenty groomed ski and snowboard trails run through tall forests of lenga (pictured above), a type of beech tree native to the southern Andes.

  • Sip Wine & Ski the Slopes

    Just a few miles east of the Chilean border lies the northernmost ski resort in Argentina, Penitentes. The resort encompasses 740 acres of skiable terrain, with 20 groomed trails for beginner to expert skiers. Snowboarders are welcomed at the resort, as well. From the Penitentes slopes, you will be surrounded by the High Andes—you can even spot Aconcagua, the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere.

  • Pucón: Chile’s Adventure Capital

    Pucón is Chile’s adventure sports capital, with a beautiful, volcanic-formed topography including the snow-covered Villarica volcano that peeks out on sunny days. In and around Pucón there are great opportunities for biking, hiking, canopy, rafting, skiing, horseback riding, canopy, rock-climbing (some of these only in season), and to wrap it all up at the end of the day, plentiful hot springs to choose from to suit every taste from rustic to elegant, and all-inclusive resorts.

  • Snow-Covered Volcano: Nevados de Chillán

    A few hours from Santiago, Chile, lies Nevados de Chillán a snow-covered volcano, offering the prettiest combination thousands of acres of fresh powder and warming natural hot springs that you’re ever likely to get the chance to visit. There are several housing options, from a nearby hostel to four-star hotel right at the resort, so there’s something to suit every budget. Ski packages and ski gear rental are available at many of the accommodations as well. This mountain has plentiful activities to choose from, and offers ski schools and day care for kids, off-piste guides, volcano ascents and more, making it one of Chile’s favorite resorts.

  • Family Skiing at Portillo

    Parents know that one of the best ways to form fabulous family memories is to spend quality time together with the kids. Chile is a very family-friendly tourism destination, with many vacation packages available. While summer is great for hiking and late sunsets, Chile’s off-season June to August southern winter rounds it out with world-class skiing.

    Portillo is a great option for family skiing at one of the world’s ten best resorts, nestled high in Chile’s majestic Andes mountains, some of which tower at over 19,000 feet.

  • Photo: Latitud 48

    Ski the Southernmost Resort in the World in Argentina

    From late June to October, you can ski the southernmost resort in the entire world on Argentina’s Tierra del Fuego island, near the city of Ushuaia. Cerro Castor is the newest ski resort in Argentina. It opened six years ago, after a $10 million USD investment, and now boasts three modern ski lifts leading up to 26 groomed downhill trails. There is an onsite skiing and snowboarding school, and a network of low-level trails through the lenga forest for snowshoeing and hiking.

  • Photo: phoosh

    Skiing in Valle Nevado

    As spring and summer settle on the northern hemisphere, Chile is laying in fresh snow for your “off season” skiing pleasure. Skiing is within easy reach of Chile’s capital city of Santiago, with one of the best, Valle Nevado, just 37 miles away. Recent repaving and widening of the access road have improved travel time to the slopes.

    Due to Valle Nevado’s location high in the Andes, this resort has some of the most reliable snow in South America, and even with 80% sunny days, conditions are optimal, due to low temperatures.

  • Photo: Infochubut

    Ski Alongside Argentina’s Olympians

    Close to the city of Esquel, in Argentine Patagonia, La Hoya ski resort is famed as one of the most challenging ski destinations in all of South America. La Hoya’s advanced, off-piste runs and bowls make the perfect challenge for experienced skiers. It’s no wonder the Argentine national ski team chooses to train here.

  • Photo: I.D. R.J.

    We Don’t Need Snow to Go Skiing

    When you think of the world’s top skiing destinations, Colombia probably doesn’t immediately spring to mind.

    That’s fine, though, because it shouldn’t. There’s only one region of Colombia where it snows – fittingly named Los Nevados (The Snowcapped Mountains) – and there’s hardly enough there to bother hauling snowshoes up the mountain, much less a full pair of skis.

  • Hitting the Ski Slopes Near Santiago

    Valle Nevado, la Parva and el Colorado are three ski centers located near Santiago, the capital. Each has a special charm and allows winter sports lovers to enjoy a great day trip from Santiago. It’s also possible to stay in a resort up the hill to enjoy the wonderful natural snowy landscapes of the Andes mountain range.

    El Colorado offers a 25-mile (40-kilometer) terrain and 70 ski slopes; la Parva has an area of 24 miles (38 kilometers) and Valle Nevado is known for having the biggest skiable surface in South America with 23,000 acres.

  • The Best Slope Side Experiences in the Country

    From the Andean peaks near Mendoza to the snow-capped ranges around Ushuaia, at South America’s very southern tip, Argentina is packed with enough mountains to satisfy even the most enthusiastic skiers. And right now is the best time to go: Late July is the very heart of Argentina’s snow-skiing season, which typically begins in June and runs through August.

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