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  • Plataforma Samba Show

    Beautiful dancers in elaborate costumes, soul-shaking drumbeats, a swirling celebration of color–it’s small wonder Carnival in Rio is one of the world’s most popular attractions.

  • The Caipirinha

    If you have an appreciation for authenticity, and a strong sense of occasion, there’s simply nothing like sipping Brazil’s national cocktail in Brazil.

  • Top Festivals in Peru

    Peru is a country rich in celebration and tradition. With beautiful natural landscapes and terrain that encompasses vast deserts, oceans and mountains, there’s reason enough to toast and dance to this diverse country’s heritage. But narrowing down your ideal Peru festival may be difficult, as there are an estimated 3000 fiestas in Peru each year. Many include religious Roman Catholic affiliation, while others are based on indigenous traditions, where drinking and dancing are plenty. No matter your festival of choice, don’t miss out on our top festival picks during your next trip to Peru!

  • Beyond Rio – Other Carnivals in Brazil

    For decades, Brazil’s international image has been synonymous with its festive Carnival season. And while Rio is ground zero for the action, it is certainly not the only place to celebrate. In a country as large and diverse as Brazil, various regions and cultures have created their own rendition of Carnival, differing from state to state. But to truly understand the diversification of Carnival, we need to take a look back at the party’s origins.

  • Photo: PortoBay Hotels & Resorts

    The Ultimate New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    There’s no denying it: few people know how to party quite like Brazilians do. If you’re looking for an unforgettable location to ring in the New Year, then look no further than Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Between dancing the night away under a starry sky to enjoying a grand, family-friendly fireworks display, here’s what you need to know to have the ultimate New Year’s Eve celebration in Rio.

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