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  • Discovering Peru’s Nikkei Cuisine

    They say food is the intimate commodity: the only art form to engage all five senses simultaneously. Never has that felt more true to me than on a recent trip to Peru when I experienced Nikkei, a unique cuisine that applies Japanese techniques and influences to Peruvian ingredients.

  • Best Restaurants in Lima

    Often regarded as South America’s leading food capital, Lima’s cultural diversity melds with traditional Peruvian culture to create a globally recognized culinary scene. Home to many of the world’s leading chefs, explore the vast flavors of Peru: Try local favorites like fresh-caught ceviche and dive into tradition with modern takes on Peru’s plentiful quinoa, corn, and potatoes. Read below to discover where to eat during your next trip to Lima, Peru.

  • Would you sleep in a crystal cabin 1,300 feet in the air?

    The lights turn off and the sky is rendered an expansive masterpiece by millions of stars. Suspended over 1,300 feet above the Sacred Valley of the Incas, our Skylodge cabin, a transparent capsule hanging on the mountain-side, is our front row seat to the wonders of nature. The awe we experience at seeing the night sky in all its splendor from the comfort of our beds in this artful capture is just part of the adventure.

  • Taste of Peru

    Sample Peru’s national drink, the pisco sour, at one of these five establishments on your next trip to the country!

  • Land of Hidden Treasures

    Peru is the Land of Hidden Treasures. Some have been around for millennia, while others have just arrived on the scene. Some are natural, some are cultural. Some mysterious, others just plain delicious. While there are thousands of treasures to discover in Peru, here are five to whet your appetite.

  • The bar that hosted the inspiration for a “Girl of Ipanema”

    Ice cubes dance on the waves of caipirinha in my glass, like the waves from Ipanema beach in the distance. The sun is out in all its glory, illuminating the sidewalks outside Veloso Bar Café. I come here often to drink in the lazy summer afternoons when the smell of the salty ocean breeze lingers in the air. Two blocks from Ipanema, Veloso opens up onto the streets like a classic French café and bustles with activity at all hours of the day. It’s my favorite spot in the city, a perfect piece of history to watch the magical atmosphere surrounding Ipanema, the relaxed excitement that is contradictory but characteristic of Rio de Janeiro.

  • In Peru, home is where the heart is

    One of the greatest joys of travel is the connections you make with the local people. It takes considered effort to break down language barriers and cultural norms, but it is in these very efforts that we learn the beauty of human interaction. On a recent trip to Peru with Intrepid Travel I had the privilege of meeting an incredible family who made me fall in love with South America all over again.

  • Rio Olympics is coming soon

    The Rio 2016 Summer Olympics are quickly approaching, and now more than ever, it’s time to familiarize yourself with Brazil’s most vibrant city. Beginning August 5th, Rio will come alive as it becomes the first South American city to host the world games. As if you needed anymore reason to travel to this exotic locale, the trip is now even easier with the visa waiver program going into affect for U.S., Canadian, Australian and Japanese citizens. The waiver program runs from June 1 until September 18, and we have your go-to travel guide for exploring Rio when you visit for the Summer Olympics.

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