Alternative Tours in Cusco

If you are the type of traveler that likes to travel off the beaten path, here are some alternative tours in Cusco for you to explore.

Land of the Yachaqs

Yachaqs means Wise in Quechua, the language of the Incas. Less than two hours away from Cusco, in the Sacred Valley, there are communities that carry on the wisdom and way of life of Incan ancestors. You can visit eight of the many communities in the area and experience their traditions, agricultural and artisan techniques.

If you are into textiles or crafts, I recommend you Amaru community in Pisac (near the famous archaeological site). This is a half-day activity in which you will discover natural dyes by picking the plants from nature, participate in shearing, cleaning and coiling of the sheep or alpaca wool and learn about the iconography used in Andean textiles. After such an amazing morning you will enjoy lunch prepared with local ingredients.

In Huallafara community you will learn about the cycle of the Pachamama or Mother earth through agrotourism activities. The Andean people are experts in agriculture and had lived in harmony with their environment for centuries. You will learn from members of the community about the cycles and agricultural rituals. You will also do some practical work by harvesting food. You will enjoy a fresh lunch made of products harvested from those very fields.

And if you are more active, The route of the Llama is for you. This is an amazing hike around Chumpu and Amaru communities in which you will pass through four lakes and potatoes fields while walking with a herd of Llamas, South American camelids. Llamas are very important to Andean people because they provide food and wool. The highest point in this hike is 14,500 feet and it lasts approximately seven hours. Lunch and dinner are included in the tour.

All activities are managed and held by a member of the community who guarantees fair distribution of the income generated.

For more information or booking any of these unforgettable tours please enter The Yachaqs site.


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