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    5 Reasons to Love Peruvian Coffee

    Coffee? Dark, no sugar and a little milk please. I just can’t begin my day without a cup of good and tasty coffee. What about you? And what if it’s organic, fair trade and grown on the slopes of the Andes?

    Peru has become the main producer and exporter of organic coffee on the continent. Most of its beans (Arabica variety) grow in the Cloud Forest and on the small local farms.

  • Salsa for Beginners

    Most Latin American countries pulse with the rhythm of dance music, from reggaeton in the islands to sultry tango in Argentina. But when it comes to salsa, it’s all about Colombia. Sure, Cuba has a pretty strong claim on it, too but for a less logistically complicated dance break, Colombia is the best place to bring your dancing shoes.

  • Family Skiing at Portillo

    Parents know that one of the best ways to form fabulous family memories is to spend quality time together with the kids. Chile is a very family-friendly tourism destination, with many vacation packages available. While summer is great for hiking and late sunsets, Chile’s off-season June to August southern winter rounds it out with world-class skiing.

    Portillo is a great option for family skiing at one of the world’s ten best resorts, nestled high in Chile’s majestic Andes mountains, some of which tower at over 19,000 feet.

  • Photo: Latitud 48

    Ski the Southernmost Resort in the World in Argentina

    From late June to October, you can ski the southernmost resort in the entire world on Argentina’s Tierra del Fuego island, near the city of Ushuaia. Cerro Castor is the newest ski resort in Argentina. It opened six years ago, after a $10 million USD investment, and now boasts three modern ski lifts leading up to 26 groomed downhill trails. There is an onsite skiing and snowboarding school, and a network of low-level trails through the lenga forest for snowshoeing and hiking.

  • Luxury Hotels in Cusco

    Cusco surprises me each time I visit it. Although I’ve lived in this vibrant city, I still discover new things each time I go back – new streets, restaurants, people. But in the last year, I’ve been noticing  colonial houses restored into luxury hotels. I’m inviting you to discover my favorite ones.

  • A Perfect Weekend in Vale dos Vinhedos

    Brazil doesn’t actually roll off the tongue of discerning oenophiles three-glasses deep into conversations about the next great terroir – it is, after all, a country fueled by caipirinhas and chope (draft beer), two beat the-heat-treats that would almost always be the go-to tipple of choice in the tropical heat. But that is changing. Brazil’s Vale dos Vinhedos, located 120km north of the country’s southernmost capital, Porto Alegre, is finally producing wines that have the Chileans and Argentines starting to glance over their shoulders.

  • Photo: phoosh

    Skiing in Valle Nevado

    As spring and summer settle on the northern hemisphere, Chile is laying in fresh snow for your “off season” skiing pleasure. Skiing is within easy reach of Chile’s capital city of Santiago, with one of the best, Valle Nevado, just 37 miles away. Recent repaving and widening of the access road have improved travel time to the slopes.

    Due to Valle Nevado’s location high in the Andes, this resort has some of the most reliable snow in South America, and even with 80% sunny days, conditions are optimal, due to low temperatures.

  • Photo: Infochubut

    Ski Alongside Argentina’s Olympians

    Close to the city of Esquel, in Argentine Patagonia, La Hoya ski resort is famed as one of the most challenging ski destinations in all of South America. La Hoya’s advanced, off-piste runs and bowls make the perfect challenge for experienced skiers. It’s no wonder the Argentine national ski team chooses to train here.

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