LAN Implements touch system and passenger safety card on board for the visually impaired

Santiago, 02 October 2013. - In order to further raise the quality standards in caring for our passengers, LAN and its affiliates have implemented a system for the visually impaired, the System Seat Accessibility button, which allows them to call cabin crew by double clicking anywhere on the in-flight entertainment screen. Additionally, security cards designed with braille will be available.

"In LAN we work every day to deliver an excellent product in order to provide the best travel experience for our passengers, and we believe that this new system will help, as visually impaired passengers will have access to more information and the possibility of requesting assistance more quickly and easily," says Fernanda Toro, Director of Travel Experience LATAM Airlines Group.

Thus, visually impaired passengers, in addition to personalized instructions given by the cabin crew, may check this safety card that contains information on where to place carry-ons, safety belt use, restrictions on use of electronics on board, use of flotation devices, the brace position in case of an emergency landing and requirements for preparation for takeoff.

In addition to its content in braille, the card has text written in large print to be legible and color contrast for people with low vision.