LAN announces that its flights to/from Argentina have resumed at 11.30am (Santiago de Chile) today, Saturday, May 18.

Santiago, May 18, 2013

LAN informs that as of 11:30 a.m. EST today, Saturday, May 18, we have resumed our flight operations to, from and within Argentina.

While Argentina flight operations will resume their normal schedule, the Company has also dispatched additional flights to transport passengers whose travel was affected yesterday and today.  Passengers whose travel has been affected should call 1-866-435-9526 for assistance re-booking.

LAN has been unable to operate flights to, from and within Argentina due to the unilateral decision of Intercrop, the Argentine state company of ground operations, to suspend the service provided by the company. These services are essential in ramp operations at the airport, which include: the loading and unloading of luggage on airplanes, transporting passengers on buses to terminals, providing the jet bridge services that connect aircraft to the airport allowing passengers to embark and disembark, among other services. 

Passengers with flights scheduled up until 09:30 am (Santiago Chile time zone) on today’s date of May 18 who did not board their flight due to the announced flight cancellations, may make use of the exceptions provided yesterday in the publication: Cancellation of Intercargo Ground Services affects operation to/from Argentina.

For the most up to date flight schedule information please visit www.lan.com or call 1-866-435-9526. 

The company regrets any inconveniences the situation may have caused our passengers.