LAN Airlines Recognized in the Gold Category for its Climate Change Management

Friday November 4, 2013. - Chilean top 10 most-committed-companies-with-Climate-Change were awarded at the fourth version of Leaders in Climate Change Survey (Encuesta Líderes en Cambio Climático), at a ceremony held yesterday at the Transoceánica Building, located in Santiago, Chile.

The Chilean initiative is designed to measure the progress of companies regarding climate change, and identify the institutions that are most committed to managing emissions and share the best practices and trends that have been applied within the country (Chile).

In the 2013 version, the Gold category was awarded to those institutions who achieved a score over 70% and that made ​​climate change management an integral part of their business. Additionally, this category awarded companies that defined and published their policies and strategies, including Greenhouse Gas emissions along its value chain, with strong communication to suppliers, contributors and customers, among others. The organizations that achieved this distinction were LAN, Colbún and Concha y Toro.

The Environmental vice-president of LAN Airlines, Enrique Guzman said: "We are proud to receive this recognition. At LAN Airlines, our ongoing commitment to the environment takes into account efficient and responsible management. Among other things, we are focusing in incorporating new technologies into our operations, having one of the most modern aircraft fleets in the world, as well as optimizing the use of resources and promoting environmental protection among communities."

The general manager of Fundación Chile, Marcos Kulka, explained that "as we have better energy efficiency systems, we can promote the use of non-conventional renewable energy and minimize the use of water resources, and then the value chain of companies will cause an improvement and therefore, will be more competitive. Similarly, this situation will provoke final consumers to demand products friendlier to the environment. "

"For Revista Capital and Fundación Chile it is critical to give recognition to those companies most committed to the planet and those best prepared to manage climate change," said the director of Revista Capital magazine, Roberto Sapag.