• Special Needs

    Help us make your flight as comfortable as possible. At LAN we offer solutions for various needs. Request them in advance at our Contact Center or LAN offices.

    Medical certification

    If you have a health condition that requires special attention, you must contact us at least 48 hours before the departure of your flight so that we can evaluate the conditions under which you may fly. Ask your doctor to fill out the MEDIF form or, if you prefer, present a medical certificate that contains the following information:

    • Personal details of the patient and the treating doctor.
    • Detail of the diagnosis.
    • Declaration in which it is clearly stated whether the patient is in an adequate condition to fly.
    • In the case of contagious illnesses, the certificate must indicate that there is no risk to the other passengers on board.
    • Specify any services needed during the journey.

    Upon submission, the document must be no more than 10 days old, and, in the case of severe mental disorders, no more than 7 days old. The certificate is subject to evaluation by the LAN medical team.

    Where do I go to submit it?

    The Medical Certificate must be an original (not a photocopy) and must be submitted to Sales Offices and/or the Contact Center at least 48 working hours before the flight, except in the case of all LAN Colombia flights, for which it must be delivered 12 working hours before the flight.

    Are you still not sure if you need Medical Certification?

    You must show one if :

    • You need a stretcher, oxygen or an incubator.
    • If you are between 28 and 35 weeks pregnant, you only need a medical certificate from your doctor.
    • If you are over 36 weeks pregnant, you must also have your doctor fill out the MEDIF form. This certificate requires approval from LAN doctors (except in Colombia where this restriction applies to women over 30 weeks pregnant).
    • You are less than 32 weeks pregnant with complications.
    • You are traveling with a newborn baby up to 7 days old.
    • You are traveling with a baby that requires oxygen or monitoring of any kind.
    • You have had surgery within the last 10 days.
    • If you are suffering from cancer or any other terminal illness.
    • You are accompanying a passenger with a high-risk mental or psychological disability.
    • You have a contagious disease.
    • Disabled people and people with reduced mobility do not need to supply proof of disability or reduced mobility (whether medical or of any other type) to justify the assistance they have requested. Nonetheless, where the passenger’s state of health is such that it gives rise to reasonable doubt as to whether the passenger will be able to safely complete the flight without requiring help during it, the company may examine whether the passenger is in condition to take the flight and request information for this examination.

    Ask about specific medical conditions over the phone through our Contact Center or in person at our Sales Offices.