Dangerous items exceptions

  • Dangerous goods cannot be transported either in hand or checked luggage, and furthermore the following exceptions must be taken into account:


    Items Allowed in hand luggage or carried as hand luggage. Allowed in checked luggage or carried as checked luggage. Allowed to be carried on one’s person. Approval from the operator(s) is required. The captain in charge must be informed of its location.
    Disabling items such as pepper spray, mace, etc., that contain irritating or disabling substances, are not allowed to be carried on one’s person or in checked or hand luggage. No No No  n/a  n/a
    Security briefcases, safe deposit boxes, money bags, etc., that contain dangerous goods such as lithium batteries and/or pyrotechnic material are completely prohibited, with the exception of what is covered in See entry in 4.2, List of Dangerous Goods. No No No  n/a  n/a
    Electro-shock weapons (Taser) containing dangerous materials such as explosives, compressed gas, lithium batteries, etc., are not allowed in hand or checked luggage or carried on one’s person. No No No n/a n/a
    Carbon dioxide, solid (dry ice), in amounts that do not exceed 2.5 kilograms (5 lb.) per person, in checked or hand luggage, when it is used to wrap perishables not subject to this Regulation, so long as the luggage (packaging) can release carbon dioxide gas. Each checked luggage item must be marked with “dry ice” or “carbon dioxide, solid”, with the net weight of the dry ice or a clear marked indication that it contains 2.5 kilograms or less of dry ice. Yes Yes No Yes No
    Ammunition (gun cartridges) packed securely (only of Division 1.4S, UN 0012 or UN 0014), in amounts that do not exceed 5 kilograms (11 lb.) in gross weight per person for the use of that person, excluding ammunition with explosive projectiles or incendiary devices. The amount allowed for more than one person must not be grouped together in one or more packages. No Yes No Yes No
    Battery-operated wheelchairs or other motorized mobility aids with non-spillable batteries (that comply with Packaging Instruction 872 or Special Provision A67), so long as the terminals are isolated to avoid accidental short-circuits, e.g., they must be contained in a battery box and the battery must be firmly attached to the wheelchair or mobility aid. Check more details in medical needs. No Yes No Yes No
    Battery-operated wheelchairs or other similar mobility aids with spillable or lithium batteries. (See and for details). Check more details in medical needs. No Yes No Yes Yes

    Camping stoves and fuel containers that may have held flammable liquid fuel, with a fuel tank and/or an empty fuel container (See for details).

    No Yes No Yes No
    Lithium-ion batteries with a nominal capacity of over 100 Wh but no more than 160 Wh for portable electronic items. No more than two spare batteries can be carried in hand luggage. These batteries must be individually wrapped to avoid short circuits. The item that holds these batteries may be in the checked or hand luggage. Yes No Yes Yes No
    A mercury barometer or thermometer carried by a representative of a governmental meteorological office or another official agency (see for details). Yes No No Yes Yes
    Chemical agent detector kits, when they are transported by personnel from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons on official trips (see Yes Yes No Yes No
    Heat-generating items such as underwater flashlights (dive lights) and underwater soldering tools (see for details). Yes No No Yes No
    Oxygen or gas cylinders for medical purposes. The cylinders must not exceed the net weight of 5 kilograms. Check more details in medical needs.
    Note: Transport of liquid oxygen kits is prohibited.
    Yes Yes No Yes No
    Non-flammable gas cylinder for a lifejacket containing carbon dioxide or another gas of Division 2.2. Up to two (2) small cylinders per person and up to two (2) replacement cartridges. Yes Yes Yes Yes No
    Portable electronic medical kits (automated external defibrillators (AED), nebulizers, kits to supply constant pressure to airways and others) that contain lithium or lithium-ion batteries can be transported (see for details). Yes Yes Yes Yes No
    Isolated packages that contain refrigerated liquid nitrogen (dry bulk shipments) completely absorbed in porous material used to transport, at low temperature, non-dangerous products that are not subject to this Regulation, provided the isolated package cannot release pressure within the container or allow any amount of refrigerated liquid nitrogen to seep beyond the location of the isolated package. Yes Yes No Yes No
    Avalanche rescue backpack, one (1) per person, equipped with a pyrotechnic switch mechanism containing less than 200 net milligrams of explosive of Division 1.4S and less than 250 milliliters of compressed gas of Division 2.2. The backpack must be wrapped in such a way that it cannot be accidentally activated. The air bags inside the backpack must have pressure-release valves. Yes Yes No Yes No
    Aerosols of Division 2.2, without subsidiary risk, for sports or home use. No Yes No No No
    Medicinal or vanity items, non-radioactive (including aerosols) such as hair spray, perfumes, colognes and medicine containing alcohol.
    The total net amount of the items mentioned above must not exceed 2 kilograms (4.4 lb.) or 2 liters (2 qt.) and the total net amount of each individual item must not exceed 0.5 kilograms or 0.5 liters (1 pt.). The aerosol spray-release nozzle must be covered by a cap or similar system to avoid unexpected spillage of the content.
    Yes Yes Yes No No

    Non-toxic and non-flammable gas cylinders, used for the operation of mechanical prosthetic limbs. Also replacement cylinders of a similar size if necessary, to ensure sufficient supply during the trip.

    Yes Yes Yes No No
    Radioisotope cardiac pacemakers, or other devices implanted in a person and operated by lithium batteries. Any radio-pharmaceutical devices within a person’s body for medical treatment purposes. No No Yes No No
    Medical or clinical thermometer containing mercury, one (1) per person, for personal use and to be kept in its protective pouch. Yes Yes Yes No No
    Safety matches or lighters that do not contain unabsorbed flammable fuel that is not liquid gas, for personal use when carried by the user. Lighter fuel and replacement refills are not allowed to be carried on one’s person or in the checked or hand luggage.
    Note: “Universal lighting” matches (“strike on any part of box”), “blue flame” lighters or cigarette lighters are not allowed.
    No No Yes No No
    Isqueiros, com combustíve líquido totalmente absorbido num sólido para o uso de um indivíduo, quando é transportado no corpo da pessoa, isqueiros com depósitos que tenham combustível líquido sem absorber, que não sejam gás liquado, assim como o combustível para os isqueiros e as reposições para refil. No No Yes No No
    Alcoholic drinks, so long as they are in retail packaging, that contain more than 24% but less than 70% alcohol by volume, in containers of no more than 5 liters and with a maximum net total of 5 liters per person. To go in the cabin they must be purchased after the security checkpoint at the airport and on the final leg of your trip. Yes Yes No No
    Hair curlers with hydrocarbon gas, up to one (1) per person or crew member and providing that the sheath covers the heating element in a secure fashion. These curlers must never be used on board. Gas refill canisters for these curlers are not allowed in hand or checked luggage. Yes Yes No No Yes
    Portable electronic items containing lithium or lithium-ion batteries such as watches, calculators, photographic cameras, cell phones, laptop computers, video cameras, etc., when they are transported by passengers or crew for personal use.   
    All replacement batteries for portable electronic items, including lithium or lithium-ion batteries, should only be carried in hand luggage. These batteries must be individually wrapped to avoid short circuits.
    Yes Yes Yes No No
    Low-wattage light bulbs in retail packaging for personal or domestic use. Yes Yes Yes No No
    For electronic portable devices that run on fuel cells and replacement fuel cartridges (for example, cameras, cell phones, laptops and cameras), check for details.
    Yes No Yes No No
    Yes No No No No
    Note: n/a means not applicable.