LAN Airlines: Tropical Storm Isaac Update # 1

August 25, 2012 – Tropical Storm Isaac is expected to produce weather that may affect LAN Airlines and its affiliates normally scheduled operations to/from Miami.

 LAN is offering passengers who have already purchased tickets for travel on August 26, 2012 the option to re-book without penalty by calling our contact center at 1-866-I-FLY-LAN (1-866-435-9526). Passengers are also encouraged to check their flight status on lan.com as weather conditions continue to change.

Passengers holding ticketed reservations with LAN Airlines and its affiliates to/from Miami on August 26, 2012 are eligible to choose one of the exceptions stated below provided that the option is requested and processed no later than 10 days from original travel date:

 Date/flight changes


  • One date/flight change, free of penalty (can be round-trip) provided all other regulations are honored (maximum, seasonality, etc.). Changes apply subject to cabin availability provided that passengers rebook their journeys no later than 30 days from their original departure date.
  • Requests to reschedule flights beyond the dates established (inbound and/or outbound) are subject to class availability and ticket validity.

Route Changes

  • One-time route change applies free of penalty and subject to applicable fare differences and current reissue policy.


  • Passengers on flights affected with tickets issued in Europe, USA, Canada, Chile, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand are eligible for involuntary refund of the ticket or flight coupons.

Affected flights

XL517* MIA-UIO 16:05/26AUG 04:30/27AUG
LA2515* MIA-LIM 18:40/26AUG 05:30/27AUG
4M4521* MIA-EZE 20:45/26AUG 12:30/27AUG
LA501* MIA-SCL 21:25/26AUG 8:40/27AUG
LA2511* MIA-LIM 23:55/26AUG 13:30/27AUG
LA503* MIA-SCL 22:30/26AUG 12:30/27AUG
LA2510* LIM-MIA 12:50/26AUG 04:30/27AUG
LA569* MIA-CCS-GYE-SCL 07:55/27AUG 10:30/27AUG
XL516* UIO-MIA 00:05/27AUG 08:50/27AUG
4M4520* EZE-MIA 22:45/26AUG 01:00/27AUG
4M4590* PUJ-MIA 16:25/26AUG 11:10/27AUG

We recommend that passengers that are scheduled to fly with us today tofrom Miami check their flight status on www.lan.com. The next scheduled update is set for 10:00 pm EST. Passengers are encouraged to check back at that time before departing for the airport.

Passengers on flight LA 5503, please check their flight status on www.aa.com

US based Passengers whose flights have been affected can call 1-866-435-9526 (1-866-I-FLY-LAN) for assistance 24 hours a day.