Premium Category

Listed below are all of the benefits of being a Premium member. Also indicated are the benefits recognized when traveling with oneworld.

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    Upgrade through

    You may apply for an upgrade through, 48 hours prior to departure. You may also do it at the end of the web check-in or by entering directly through

    Upgrade request list

    Now you can check where you are on the Upgrade request list online. The app is available on See more. 

    Other benefits

    One-way upgrade coupons for you or a companion

    2 one way electronic upgrade coupons for you or a travel companion to be used on LAN-paid tickets, subject to the purchase of those in fare groups in which you can use this benefit (subject to availability). Find out how many upgrade coupons are needed per route and the fare groups in which you can use this benefit.
    From June 1, 2011, you can also use your coupons to apply for upgrades for tickets redeemed using LANPASS Kms. Find out how many coupons your need per route and how to take advantage of this benefit.

    Redeem your LANPASS Kilometers for a Cabin Upgrade

    When you buy a ticket in the economy cabin for international flights sold and operated by LAN, you may redeem your LANPASS Kilometers for a cabin Upgrade for you and your flight companions*. This benefit is limited in availability.

    Kilometer bonus

    As a PREMIUM member, you’ll receive an additional bonus equivalent to 25% of the accumulated distance on LAN, TAM and American Airline flights. For example, if you fly 10,000 kilometers, 12,500 kilometers will be credited to your account.

    Preferential check-in

    As a PREMIUM member, you can check in at the Premium Business or Premium Economy counters even if you’re travelling in Economy class1, just by showing your membership card. This benefit is available on international routes and is valid for both LAN and oneworld airline flights. The benefit is only valid for the cardholder.

    Priority baggage

    When you take international flights, we'll label your baggage so that, whenever possible, it's among the first out.

    Upon qualifying

    Once you fulfill one of the two criteria for qualification, you will promptly receive your Premium welcome pack, which contains:

    • Your LANPASS Premium membership card, with oneworld Ruby icon.
    • A Premium tag for your luggage that will ensure it is given Priority-category treatment on international flights.
    • A guide detailing Premium benefits.
    • In addition, two one-way upgrade coupons will be added to your Upgrade Account Statement.


    Benefits become active within 12 days of qualifying

    *A companion means an individual traveling together with a member on the same flights and dates, and who has obtained his or her award ticket by redeeming the kms. of the member.

    1 Check-in is not available at the international airport in Sao Paulo (Guarulhos).

    NOTE: When a member enters a category other than the one to which he or she initially belonged (regardless of whether the new category is higher or lower), the benefits of the new category replace those of the category to which the member previously belonged.