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As the LATAM Group, we are continuing to forge ahead, offering more and better benefits to recognize and say thank you to our members for their preference and loyalty.

  • The end of year is a time for celebration. And that's why at LAN and TAM we want to celebrate with you by going through the new things and improvements that we have done during this year 2014. For 2015 we have a clear objective, which is to continue working on improving our service and your travel experience, because your comfort and care are our responsibility:


    • TAM is now part of oneworld: We began the year by joining the leading airline alliance in all of the USA and South America. 15 airlines in 150 countries with over 1,000 destinations. See more.

    • 4 new destinations: Ayacucho and Talara in Peru in 2014, and Barcelona and Toronto in 2015.


    • Entertainment with YouTube: 120 minutes of available content on all flights with individual entertainment on board. See more.

    • New app for LAN and TAM: Can be downloaded to cellphones with iOS operating systems and helps you with the processes concerning your travel. See more.

    • Now your Check-in process is much quicker! Thanks to the electronic boarding pass, compatible with your smartphone, you no longer need to show the printed card. See more.

    • More entertainment: On all of our Airbus A320 family fleet from January onwards, we will begin to install a web page that will offer you a range of different entertainment content. See more.

    • Connection during the whole flight on flight mode: In South America we were the first to allow you to use your mobile devices during the whole flight on flight mode. This technology is now available in Chile, Ecuador and Colombia. Soon it will also be available in Peru, Argentina and Brazil. See more.

    Travel experience

    • Priority Check-in: We launched the priority Check-in service in the Santiago de Chile airport. An exclusive area with the highest standards in design, technology and comfort, which will allow you to make the most of your waiting times, prepare for the flight and for your next destination.

    • New and exlusive VIP lounges: Because we want to offer more exclusive areas to our priority passengers. At LAN and TAM we have more than 5 VIP waiting lounges (Ezeiza, Argentina; Bogota, Colombia; Santiago, Chile; Miami, USA; Guarulhos and Brazil) plus over 600 lounges with the oneworld network. See more.

    • Departures and arrivals at the renovated Terminal 3: Most of our international LAN and TAM fight departures and arrivals are now operating at the new terminal 3 of Guarulhos, Sao Paulo. A renovated area with world-class infrastructure. See more.

    • We are standardizing our service: TAM is in the process of implementing our Premium Business class. With this new class and renewed on-flight service, the LATAM Group is looking to improve its service, making it more flexible and differentiated. See more.

    Environment and sustainability

    • Young aircraft fleet of the latest generation: The average age of our aircraft fleet is seven years - one of the youngest in the world. We have aircraft of the latest generation, such as Boeing 787, Boeing 777 and Airbus A321. See more.

    • We are listed on the Dow Jones sustainability index: From a select group of companies that are leaders in sustainability, we were chosen for our financial, social responsibility and environmental management with a focus on the long term.