Comodoro Black

Comodoro Black category

In this section, you'll find all the information you need about the benefits of our LANPASS Frequent Flyer program.

  • Ways to qualify for the Comodoro Black category

    Earn 210,000 kms. with LAN and TAM

    Tip: Remember that only these kinds of kilometers can be used to join an Elite category.

    • Bonus kilometers in LAN and TAM Business Class.
    • The kms. that are valid to qualify for the different LANPASS Elite categories are those credited between January 1 and December 31 each year irrespective of flight date, according to program’s terms and conditions.
    • LAN fares that earn 125% or 150% of the kms. flown can be used to qualify for a higher category. In this case only, the kms. earned over the 100% flown can also be used to qualify for a higher category.

    Earning 180,000 kms. through a minimum of 16 medium or long-haul legs with LAN or TAM in Business Class

    • The kms. that are valid are those earned either with LAN, TAM or oneworld flights or through km. bonuses for flying in Business Class with LAN.
    • Flights in Business Class must be on LAN or TAM flights, for fares and routes for which kms. can be earned and equivalent to at least 16 legs.
    • Flights in Business Class should be medium or long-haul, which, according to LANPASS definitions, are the equivalent of LAN international flights in Business Class, when the distance between both points is greater than 1,600 kms.
    • The target must be met between January 1 and December 31 of each year.
    • Once the target has been reached, the new category will be awarded within approximately 15 days of the qualification date.

    What is a leg? A leg is a direct flight between two cities which may or may not include stopovers. For example: a Santiago - Miami – Santiago flight is the equivalent of 2 legs: Santiago - Miami and Miami - Santiago.

    When you qualify

    Shortly after fulfilling one of the two qualifying requirements, you will receive your Comodoro Black welcome pack, which contains:

    Tip: Benefits are activated within a maximum of 12 days of qualifying.

    • Your LANPASS Comodoro Black membership card with the oneworld Emerald member emblem.
    • A Comodoro Black tag so your baggage is treated as priority baggage on international flights.
    • guide to the Comodoro Black benefits.
    • 6 one-way Upgrade coupons will also be credited to your upgrade account.

    * Elite qualification rules apply according to each client’s country of residence.