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Listed below are all the benefits of Comodoro membership. Also specified are the benefits recognized on oneworld flight.

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    Complementary upgrade coupons

    You will receive unlimited complementary cabin upgrade coupons for your personal use and 6 complementary cabin upgrade coupons per year for your flight companions*. This benefit is available both for tickets that have been paid for (in the Base Plus, Flexible or Full Flexible fare group) as well as tickets redeemed using LANPASS KMS. for international flights sold and operated by LAN. How to take advantage of this benefit.

    You can apply for an upgrade at from 48 hours prior to your flight’s departure. You can do this at the end of your web check-in or directly through

    Cabin upgrades using your LANPASS KMS.

    When you buy a ticket in economy class for an international flight sold and operated by LAN, you can redeem a cabin upgrade for you and your flight companions using your LANPASS KMS. This is a benefit with limited capacity.

    Upgrade request list

    Now you can check where you are on the Upgrade request list online. The app is available on See more. 

    Bonus kilometers

    As a Comodoro Black member, you will receive a bonus of 100% more kilometers on distances flown on LAN, TAM and American Airlines flights. For example, if you fly 10,000 kilometers, 20,000 kilometers will be credited to your account.

    Preferential seats on on domestic and international flights

    We have preferential seats for you on domestic and international flights operated and commercialized by LAN. When you check-in on, you will be recognized as a Commodore Black member, and you will be able to select the seats in the first rows of the aircraft in the Economy cabin and in the emergency exit rows, marked as preferential seats (subject to availability). See more.

    Special Services

    When flying internationally, you'll be attended by our Special Services officers, who are there to help both you and your immediate family1. The service is available in the following airports: Bogota (El Dorado); Buenos Aires (Aeroparque and Ezeiza); Mexico City (Benito Juárez); Lima (Jorge Chávez); Madrid (Barajas); Miami (Miami Intl); New York (John F. Kennedy); Sao Paulo (Guarulhos); and Santiago (Arturo Merino Benítez).

    VIP Salons*

    Access to the VIP salons with your direct* family group and a guest*, and enjoy more than 550 other oneworld alliance VIP salons2.

    Access to the LAN VIP salons is available for members traveling on flights operated by LAN, TAM or oneworld alliance airlines.
    Access to the TAM VIP salons is available for members traveling on flights operated by LAN or TAM.

    Access the LAN, TAM and oneworld alliance VIP salons with a guest. This benefit can only be used by the cardholder and their companions when traveling on flights operated by LAN, TAM or oneworld alliance airlines, whatever class the member is traveling in.
    *If you want to enter the Mistral salon in Santiago with more than one companion*, including children, they must pay an entrance fee. A preferential fee will be charged and this benefit is subject to availability. See more details.

    Preferential Check-in

    As a Comodoro Black member, you can Check-in in using the Premium Business or Premium Economy class counters3, even when you are traveling in Economy class, just by showing your membership card. This benefit is available on international routes and is valid both for LAN and TAM flights, as well as on oneworld airlines. This benefit is only valid for the cardholder and a companion.

    Preferential boarding

    You can board whenever you want, even after boarding has begun, using the preferential boarding line. This benefit is valid on LAN, TAM flights or on any oneworld airline flight.

    Exclusive bag drop line for Comodoro and Comodoro Black members

    An exclusive line exists for you to drop off your baggage. This service is available for passengers who have already checked in through and who are flying within Chile.

    Free excess baggage

    On flights sold and operated by LAN, you are entitled to 1 piece of excess baggage weighing 23 kg.
    On flights operated and sold by airlines that belong to the oneworld alliance, you are entitled to 1 piece of additional baggage or 20 additional kilos of excess baggage. This benefit is subject to each airline’s baggage policies. Your baggage is also given priority when disembarking.

    Priority baggage

    When you take international flights, we'll label your baggage so that, whenever possible, it's among the first out.

    Preferential Contact Center

    You’ll enjoy preferential attention when you get in touch with our Contact Center, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with highly-trained executives available to help you with any LAN or LANPASS service.

    Please remember that to access some of these services you will be asked for your telephone password. To obtain it, please go to Password Recovery.


    We will contact you and give you full information if there is any change to your flight.

    No charge for the reissue of your LANPASS reward tickets*

    In the event of date, route and/or flight changes, you can re-issue your LANPASS award tickets at no cost. Benefit valid for preferential members (*) and for passengers who redeemed Comodoro Black, Comodoro or Premium Silver partner miles for their award tickets.

    Outstanding km. accumulation at no additional charge through our Contact Center

    You can earn LANPASS KMS. that do not appear in your statement through our Contact Center and at no extra cost.

    (*) Includes award tickets redeemed with miles from a non-preferential account.

    * A companion is classed as a person traveling with a Comodoro or Premium Silver member on the same dates and on the same flights and whose reward ticket was redeemed using a Comodoro or Premium Silver member’s kms.

    1 Immediate family is defined as spouse and children or to parents traveling with a partner Commodore Black on the same flights and dates.

    2 The first class lounges of TAM in Guarulhos, Sao Paulo, is excluded from this benefit.

    3 First Class check-in is not available at the international airport in Sao Paulo (Guarulhos).

    NOTE: When a member becomes a member of a different category, whether this is a higher or lower one than the initial one they belonged to, the benefits of the previous category are replaced by those of the new category.


    Outstanding km. accumulation at no additional charge through our Contact Center


    You can earn LANPASS KMS. that do not appear in your statement through our Contact Center and at no extra cost.