Destination guide: San Pedro de Atacama

Discover San Pedro de Atacama

As well as being one of the most beautiful and mystical places in the world, San Pedro de Atacama also has a rich cultural heritage evident throughout the village.

El Tatio Geysers

A collection of 80 natural springs emerging at high pressure, at high temperatures and from deep underground, creating beautiful jets of water and vapor that rise high in the air. The water left on the ground forms thermal lagoons. The geysers are most active at dawn, when the jets can easily get up to10 meters high and are 48 kilometers east of San Pedro de Atacama.

Valley of the Moon and Valley of Death

The Valley of the Moon is 19 kilometers from San Pedro and is a Natural Monument. It’s made up of small rock formations with pointed peaks and has a lookout from where you can enjoy the impressive surroundings.

Next to it is the Valley of Death and its dazzling eroded, red-tinged landscape. Pieces of gem salt, a precious crystal that is formed by high pressure, can be found here.

Atacama Salt Flat

Located 2,305 meters above sea level, it’s made up of small turquoise, pink and grey lagoons. The flamencos and birds here make for a marvelous sight, especially at sunset.

Pukara de Quitor

A stunning stone construction dating from the twelfth century. It was built by the Atacama people, supposedly to stop the neighboring Aymara people from gaining more land.

Puritama Thermal Baths

This temperature of the water from this thermal source fluctuates between 25 ºC and 30 ºC. Facilities include rest and changing rooms that lead via passageways directly to the pools.

Padre Le Paige Archaeological Museum

The Padre Le Paige Archaeological Museum is a testimony to the ancient culture of the people of the Atacama who inhabited the area more than 11,000 years ago. Inside, you can find skulls, mummies, weapons and crafts. It’s at 380 Gustavo Le Paige Street, in the very center of San Pedro.

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