Portillo Ski Resort

Portillo Ski Resort

Discover South America´s largest skiable domain

With extraordinary terrain, natural beauty, and many hotel facilities and activities, Portillo is in a class of its own. Portillo’s trails are for skiers and snowboarders of all levels, which host 14 lifts and a ski school of highly certified instructors. The snow quality in Portillo is excellent and is often likened to that of the Rocky Mountains.


Depending on your level skiing:

  • Greens (Beginners) 15%
  • Blues (Intermediate) 30%
  • Reds (Advanced) 30%
  • Blacks (Expert) 25%

The ski area features 35 runs, all of which are groomed nightly and there is also extensive skiing to be had on unpacked runs and off piste.  There is nothing quite like a powder day in Portillo.  The bowls and shoots perfectly collect the light, dry snow and the above-tree-line landscape turns into a white playground.  And with such a low weekly guest capacity, guests don’t have to worry about getting up at first light to get first tracks. 


Using either our Roca Jack, Condor, Vizcachas or Cara Cara lifts, skiers and snowboarders can traverse – weather and avalanche risks permitting – to renowned off piste terrain such as the Primavera and Kilometro Lanzado runs.  We strongly recommend first hiring a Portillo guide to show you the tricks of the terrain before heading off without one.


Portillo normally receives bountiful snow, with an average of 24.7 feet per season. However, weather is never perfectly predictable so we have snowmaking equipment on the Plateau side of the mountain. During those rare seasons when there is low snowfall, Portillo is still a blast. People sign up for ski lessons, advanced skiers practice their racing technique, and everyone heads to Tio Bob’s café to soak up the sun and scenery during the afternoon.

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