Portillo Ski Resort

Portillo Ski Resort

About Portillo Ski Resort

For more than 60 years, Portillo has welcomed guests arriving from all parts of the world. Skiers, snowboarders, and everyone in between find themselves enjoying an unforgettable and unique vacation customized to their needs. Portillo hosts only 450 guests each week, which allows them to experience the hotel activities and ski area in a relaxing, un-crowded setting. Fly to Chile on LAN and discover the hospitality, cuisine, and international ski terrain that await for you in Portillo!


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Before you purchase your ticket, check the prices of, availability at and opening dates and times of the ski centers, hotels and restaurants during the season. The delivery of goods and/or discounts are the responsibility of Portillo S.A., and by no means is LAN to be held responsible for any changes in these, for any losses, accidents or problems that arise as a result of the information provided nor for the non-provision of services at the ski centers, hotels or restaurants should they close for climatic reasons or due to force majeure. Portillo Ski Resort is not related in any way to LAN.