Destination guide: Salta

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Salta Cathedral

Dating from the second half of the nineteenth century, this national historical monument houses the remains of General Martin de Guermes in a vault close to the cathedral's entrance. The rear part of the building houses the cathedral's museum.

Cloud Train

Described as the most amazing train journey in the world, this train crosses the desert and Puna altiplano and climbs the slopes of the Andes to reach its final destination, the village of San Antonio de los Cobres, 4,200 meters above sea level.

The train stops by picturesque stalls selling local crafts, clothing and regional products so the tourists taking part in this adventure can buy souvenirs.

The train has a dining carriage, doctor's surgery, audio and video facilities and bilingual guides to provide the best possible journey up to the clouds.

El Rey and Calilegua National Parks

Bird-watching is practically a local sport in these parks. The first has more than 300 species, is 200 km. from Salta and has an area where toucans and doves can be spotted.

In another part of it, there's the Los Patitos Lagoon footpath, from where you can spot an important number of birds, such as the chumuco, different types of herons, chiricotes and ducks; while another area offers a panoramic view of the park's flora, as well as sightings of the bandurria baya, the red-footed chuñas (the park's mascot), royal condors and tijereta falcons.

The second park is 100 kms. from Jujuy and is home to a similar number of species, such as poma eagles, green guacamayos, alisero parrots, ocellated turkeys and several types of hummingbird. Covering 76,306 hectares, Calilegua is a good place for trekking, horse-riding and bike-riding.

Trekking in Salta and the surrounding area

The San Bernardo and San Lorenzo peaks offer ideal trekking circuits for beginners, with Campo Quijano, Quebrada del Toro and Iruya for those with more experience.

Whichever you choose, both routes give you the chance to spend various nights in the great outdoors, gazing at the stars and getting in touch with nature and the local culture.

Ruins, rock paintings, dinosaur footprints and petroglyphs

In the area around Salta, you can find several archaeological remains, such as the Santa Rosa de Tastil and Incahuasi ruins, symbolic pictorial and stone carvings made by those who used to live in the area and incredible footprints from the dinosaurs that were once the main inhabitants of northern Argentina.

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