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Agriculture and cattle breeding in Salta lend a special touch to its typical dishes, which incorporate corn, red meat, vegetables and different northern pastries.

In its cuisine, the following stand out: empanadas filled with minced meat, potatoes, onions and egg and traditionally eaten using your hands; humitas filled with corn and cheese made from either cows' or goats' milk and which are either sweet or savory; locro, a mixture of corn, beans, squash, red meat, salted pork ribs and tripe to which local herbs and spices can be added and tamales, a tortilla made from corn flour and filled with beef, pork or beef jerky.



The official currency of Argentina is the argentine peso ($ARS). However, US dollars (US$) are accepted in the majority of places catering to tourists. Bills come in denominations of 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 pesos and coins in 5, 10, 25 and 50 cents and 1 peso.



All products and services include a Value Added Tax (known as IVA) equivalent to 21% of the value of what is being purchased. If you're a foreign tourist and you buy an Argentine product worth 70 pesos or more during your stay, you can ask for the IVA back. To do this, you must ask the salesperson for the original type B invoice and the "Global Refund Check" for your refund and show these two documents, plus the item purchased, when you leave Argentina, so that Customs can stamp the documents and process your refund.


Official language

The official language spoken in Salta and throughout Argentina is Spanish.


Time zone

Before you begin your journey to Argentina, bear in mind that the majority of the country is in the GMT-3 time zone, although during summer some provinces adopt summertime hours, turning their clocks back an hour.


Electric current

In Argentina, the voltage used is 220 V/50hz, but if any of your electrical appliances use a different voltage, you can always find adaptors in specialist shops throughout the country.


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