Destination Guide: Mendoza

Discover Mendoza

Mendoza is considered one of Argentina's most entertaining cities. Take a look at the adventures waiting for you there:

Wine Route

The success of wine in Mendoza is no coincidence: grape growing and wine production represent 70% of Argentina's output and require more than 140,000 hectares (345,947 acres) of land. Producers in the zone have used the ecotourism niche to offer guided tours through their facilities and even offer lodging and restaurants.

Several wine cellars in Mendoza's western sector are open to tourists, and guests are welcome to take vineyard tours at a handful of facilities including the Acequias y Arboledas Wine Route hosted by two Mendoza-based families that have been producing wine for over 100 years.

The Diamante and Atuel rivers are the main attraction in the southern part of the region along with several others cellars that are open to the public.

The Uco Valley area is also a major attraction with wine tours at Argentine and foreign-owned facilities that have experienced explosive growth in recent years.

Las Leñas Ski Resort

One of Argentina's most prestigious ski resorts, Las Leñas is located 450 kilometers (280 miles) outside of Mendoza. The area offers 230 skiable hectares (568 acres), 27 trails of virgin snow for free skiing and a snowboard park.

Las Leñas offers lodging, first-class cuisine and dancing. The facility also has a nursery, a health clinic and equipment rental.

Los Penitentes Ski Area

Situated 170 kilometers (106 miles) from Mendoza, Los Penitentes is spread over 300 skiable hectares (741 acres) and offers 28 trails. As with Las Leñas, visitors can count on lodging, restaurants, banking, basic services and parking.

General San Martín Park

This immense green area is a combination of forest and gardens with over 300 species of plants from several different countries and a scattering of statues spread throughout. Visitors can take a walk beside the man-made lagoon for a reprieve from the summer heat or admire the colors of nature in wintertime.

The park is also home to a zoo, a stadium, museums and Cerro La Gloria - a small hill in the center of the park that is topped with a monument commemorating Argentina's liberating army.

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