Clases de Servicio LANWorking For The Environment

In LAN we protect the environment in all our processes, managing and minimizing the impact of our operations and promoting responsible behavior within our company and among those we work with

Incorporation of New Technologies and Infrastructure

In addition to the significant investment entailed in having one of the most modern fleets in the world, and the different initiatives aimed at achieving efficient fuel consumption, in LAN we have opted for incorporating cutting edge technology, which will enable ongoing sustainable operation.

Hence, in 2009, together with the Office of Civil Aviation (DGAC), we installed a new approach system in the La Florida Airport, in La Serena, Chile, denominated RNP (Required Navigation Performance).  This new system enables landing at airports located in permanently cloudy, reduced visibility zones, meeting high safety standards and avoiding the use of alternative airports, also reducing acoustic contamination in the landing process.  In 2010, the RNP system was also implemented in the Cusco Airport in Peru.

Moreover, as of 2009, we started the process of installing winglets in our Boeing 767-300 cargo and passenger aircraft.  These aerodynamic devices, which are installed on the tips of aircraft wings, allow for greater efficiency in fuel use and a significant reduction in GEI.

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