Easy Pre Check-in or Check-in at LAN.com

Pre Check-in or Check-in at LAN.com

Web Pre Check-in* is a simple process that allows you to choose your seat from the comfort of your home or office, bypass long lines at the ticket counter, and head straight to the express Check-in counter when traveling on international flights from North America to South America or viceversa.   

For your regional flights within South America and domestic flights within Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Peru, Check-in is available, so don't forget to select your seat and print your boarding pass ahead of time. Pre Check-in and Check-in are available between 48 and 3 hours before a flight's departure.  

Do your Pre Check-in or Check-in online at LAN.com and discover a world of great benefits!

(*) Due to rigorous international travel documents revision you are still required to go to the ticket counter for further check up. For more information and list of routes please click here.