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From now on, fly when you want. It’s up to you.

Viaja cuando quieras, tú decides.

The new LANPASS FLEXIBLE REDEMPTION system has lots more seats available so you can redeem your kms. and choose the date on which you want to fly!


Economy class

The number of kms. required up to now at the Classic level stays the same in this system and there are two more new levels in Economy class - Plus and Full - so you can choose the combination that is best for you to make up your return trip.


The same number of kms. and the same availability that existed up to today.


For + kms., greater availability.


For + kms. than at the Plus level, maximum availability.

Premium Economy and Premium Business class

The Premium Economy and Premium Business classes also have two reward levels, Classic and Plus, providing greater availability for more kilometers..

Classic Plus Igual Muchos más cupos disponibles para canjear

More alternatives

So that redeeming flights is even easier, the new system includes a calendar so you can see all the rewards available, three days before and three days after the chosen travel date.

Matriz de Viajes

In order to make the award redemption easier, the new system includes a timetable in which you will see all available awards, three days before and three days after the date you chose to fly.

If you are lacking kilometres, you can purchase them immediately, within the same redemtion process. With so many options to choose, you can redeem your kilometers immediately without reservation!*

Useful information to redeem your kilometers

Remember that before redeeming your kilometers it is important:

* Awards must be issued immediately, that’s to say, reservation and issuance must happen at the same time.