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Exchanging kilometers for Rewards Tickets and Upgrades

Here you'll find everything you need to know about exchanging kilometers for tickets with LAN, oneworld and LANPASS-affiliated airlines, as well as class upgrades on LAN flights.

How to exchange kilometers for a reward ticket or an Upgrade on a LAN flight

Note: Upgrades are only valid on flights issued and operated by LAN.

Redemption of reward flights on

We recommend exchanging your kilometers for rewards online. It's easy. Simply follow these steps:

Note: Only for reward tickets to destinations that provide E-ticket service.

How to exchange kilometers for reward tickets for flights with oneworld airlines and other LANPASS-affiliated airlines

In order to exchange kilometers for reward tickets for flights with oneworld airlines or other, LANPASS-affiliated airlines, contact the LANPASS Call-Center or have your travel agent make the exchange.

Tip: Remember that you can choose from more than 570 destinations around the world as well as combine flights from more than one airline for your trip. For these reasons, we recommend that you contact one of our Call Center representatives to help ensure an optimal travel plan.

Available destinations

Visit the oneworld Website, or in the case of LANPASS-affiliated airlines, their respective Websites.

LANPASS-affiliated airlines

oneworld airlines

To find out how many kilometers you need for you your trip

For flights involving oneworld airlines or LANPASS-affiliated airlines, the necessary LANPASS kilometers depend on the distance between the point of departure and the destination (total distance for round trips).

For official flight distances (which may, in fact, involve more than one airline), contact the LANPASS Call Center or consult your travel agent.