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LANPASS-affiliated airlines

In addition to its oneworld allies, LANPASS has bilateral agreements with other airlines that enable our members to benefit from a wider range of destinations.

LANPASS members can earn kilometers by flying with these airlines as well as exchange their kilometers for reward tickets with any of our affiliates.

In this section, you will find a listing of LANPASS-affiliated airlines, and an explanation of the benefits that LANPASS members enjoy as a result of these agreements.

LANPASS-affiliated airlines

Alaska Airlines Aeromexico Tam

Click on the links above for a list of destinations offered by each affiliated airline.

Benefits for LANPASS members

LANPASS Earning kilometers
LANPASS members can earn LANPASS kilometers by flying with any LANPASS-affiliated airline. Simply provide your member number at the airline's counter and request that your kilometers be accredited to your LANPASS account.
LANPASS Minimum kilometer standard
LANPASS members flying with our affiliate airlines will also be able to take advantage of the minimum kilometer standard of 800 kilometers, even if the actual distance flown is shorter in length.
LANPASS Class-based incentives
LANPASS members flying with our affiliate airlines will also receive bonus kilometers based on the Cabin Class in which they are traveling. Members flying in Executive Class will receive 25 percent in additional kilometers, while members flying First Class will receive a bonus of 50 percent.
LANPASS Exchanging kilometers for trips to a wider range of destinations
Thanks to these agreements, LANPASS members can travel to a greater number of destinations around the world in exchange for the kilometers they earn.