In accordance with Chilean law, Lan Airlines must distribute cash dividends equal to at least 30 % of its annual consolidated net income calculated in accordance with IFRS, unless otherwise decided by a unanimous vote of the holders of all issued shares and unless and except to the extent it has accumulated losses. If there is no net income in a given year, Lan Airlines can elect but is not legally obligated to distribute dividends out of retained earnings. The board of directors may declare interim dividends out of profits earned during such interim period. Pursuant to Lan Airlines' by-laws, the annual cash dividend is approved by the shareholders at the annual ordinary shareholders' meeting held between February 1 and April 30 of the year following the year with respect to which the dividend is proposed. All outstanding common shares are entitled to share equally in all dividends declared by Lan Airlines.

Holders of ADSs will be entitled to receive dividends on the underlying common shares to the same extent as holders of common shares. Holders of ADRs on the applicable record dates will be entitled to receive dividends paid on the common shares represented by the ADSs evidenced by such ADRs. Dividends payable to holders of ADSs will be paid by LAN to the depositary in Chilean pesos and remitted by the depositary to such holders net of foreign currency conversion fees and expenses of the depositary and will be subject to Chilean withholding tax currently imposed at a rate of 35 % (subject to credits in certain cases). Owners of the ADSs will not be charged any dividend remittance fee by the depositary with respect to cash dividends.

Chilean law requires that holders of shares of Chilean companies that are not residents of Chile register as foreign investors under one of the foreign investment regimes established by Chilean law in order to have dividends, sale proceeds or other amounts with respect to their shares remitted outside Chile through the Formal Exchange Market ( Mercado Cambiario Formal ). Under our Foreign Investment Contract, the depositary, on behalf of ADS holders, will be granted access to the Formal Exchange Market to convert cash dividends from pesos to U.S. dollars and to pay such U.S. dollars to ADS holders outside Chile.

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