Medical Oxygen

Passengers who for medical reasons require therapeutic oxygen during the flight can use the therapeutic oxygen bottle service provided by the airline or use a Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) of their own.

Medical oxygen provided by LAN

The oxygen cylinder service provided by LAN is available exclusively on domestic flights in Chile and Peru.
If the passenger is traveling alone, they must present a medical certificate indicating that they are capable of administering the oxygen for themselves. Otherwise, they must travel with a companion.

The oxygen service must be requested 48 hoursprior to the flight's departure via our Call Center or at any LAN sales office.

Each bottle of dry oxygen costs $30.000 Chilean pesos for domestic flights in Chile and US$ 50 for domestic flights in Peru.

Oxygen provided by the passenger:

Passengers requiring medical oxygen during the flight may travel with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC), as long as the POC fulfills the conditions detailed below.

Authorized Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POCs)

Only the following POC brands and models are accepted in Economy and Premium Economy classes on LAN flights:

For Business Class, a medical certificate that allows the POC to be disconnected during take off and landing – due to aviation authority regulations - should be presented (see Medical Certification to Travel).

Important: Aviation authority regulations prohibit the use of other personal oxygen units, including those containing compressed or liquid oxygen, since these are considered dangerous substances.

Travel requirements:

Request timeframe:

Once their travel plans have been confirmed, the passenger must contact our Call Center or a LAN sales office at least 48 hours before departure to complete the corresponding procedure.

Medical certification:

The passenger must obtain Medical Certificate - a document completed by the doctor treating the passenger and authorized by LAN's medical department, allowing the passenger to travel. This can be done out at any LAN sales office. .

Passenger Declaration:

In addition, the passenger carrying the POC must provide a signed declaration when checking-in at the airport. To download this document, click here.

Conditions for the passenger to board

Refusal to let the passenger board because they do not fulfill the travel conditions does not constitute grounds for exceptions in the purchased ticket’s fare regulations.

General information

The POC must fit under the seat in front of the passenger.