Transport of pets and animals

Due to the low temperatures in New York and Toronto during the winter season, we will not be able to offer our animal transportation service on flights from, to, and thru these cities from December 15th until March 15th. This restriction is related to the protection of the animals’ health.

LAN transports household pets including dogs, cats, and small ornamental birds that meet the legal limitations imposed by the country they are entering and which have the proper documentation.
These animals will be kept in the aircraft's cargo area. Only trained helper animals will be allowed into the cabin and only if the route allows it.

Other types of animals (and unaccompanied pets) will only be transported via LAN's Cargo Department, LANCARGO.

Pet transport requests must be made by contacting our Call Center or at a sales office at least 48 hours before the flight for them to be confirmed.

Their transport is subject to an excess baggage charge as an extra piece of baggage under the same policies and according to the same weight charges as normal baggage, with the exception of seeing-eye dogs, helper monkeys accompanied by their owner and rescue dogs. For more information regarding this charge, contact our Call Center.

Important: Animals must be at least eight weeks old. It is the passenger’s responsibility to find out about the legal and sanitary requirements and restrictions both in the destination as well as in stopover and connecting countries in their itinerary.

Seeing-Eye Dogs

This is an individually trained dog used as a guide by a person with a disability, whether they are blind, deaf of people with balance problems.

LAN allows seeing-eye dogs belonging to people with disabilities to board the plane, as long as the animal can be placed in the cabin without obstructing the aisle or other areas used as emergency exits.

These dogs must be identified by an official badge and a muzzle is recommended. Because of specific country regulations, the use of a muzzle is obligatory on flights operated by LAN Airlines and LAN Peru.