This service is available for newborn infants who, due to health problems, need to use an incubator during the flight.

In order to use the incubator service, a medical certificate must be presented Medical Certification and the infant must travel with a qualified companion (doctor, nurse or midwife) who is able to attend to their medical needs.

This service costs the equivalent of four Full Flexible (the highest one-way) fares, which correspond to the transportation of the incubator, the infant and the companion.

The passenger or health institution requesting the service is responsible for coordinating the empty incubator’s return to the city of origin, which must be coordinated up to five days after its arrival. This service is provided by LANCARGO.

This service is available on all our routes except on domestic flights operated by Lan Argentina and Lan Ecuador. The incubator service must be requested at least 48 hours prior to departure - except on domestic flights within Peru, which require 24 hours prior notice - via our Call Center or at any LAN sales office.