Rules for traveling with liquids, aerosolsand gels in your carry-on baggage

As a security measure, some governments have restrictions on the transportation of liquids, aerosols and gels inside passengers’ carry-on baggage on flights to, through and/or from their countries, which you should be aware of before boarding our flights.

What kinds of liquids, aerosols and gels can I put in my carry-on baggage?

liquidos transportables

Aerosols, containers with liquids inside (such as perfumes), gels, spirits, creams or any products of a similar consistency (such as deodorant sticks, lipstick, toothpaste, etc.) are not permitted.

If these products are placed in a resealable transparent bag (maximum capacity 1 liter) that can be opened and closed to allow for the inspection of its contents.


When each container does not exceed more than 100 ml.


Each passenger may only travel with 1 such bag.

Containers with a capacity of over 100 ml are not permitted, even when only part full.

Also permitted:

Medication: passengers may be asked to show a prescription certifying their need for the medication during flight.

Baby food (only when traveling with children) or essential dietary foods: these items must always be carried for consumption while flying and must be of a quantity proportional to the flight length. You may be asked to prove that you have a legitimate need for these items.

Any article that exceeds these guidelines must be packed in your checked baggage.

What happens if my carry-on baggage contains items that are not permitted?

If they do not comply with the criteria stated above, items will be confiscated and will not be returned to you.

Where will my carry-on baggage be inspected?

control de equipaje

To ensure compliance with these requirements, the inspection of your carry-on baggage can be conducted by local authorities (security checkpoint located at the entrance of the departure lounge), or at your flight’s boarding gate by the airline’s security personnel.

Is it possible to make Duty Free purchases?

On direct flights (without stopovers) to countries where these restrictions are effective, you can buy Duty Free products at the airport or onboard.

On flights with stopovers, Duty Free product purchases are only possible onboard on the final leg of your flight, or at the last airport prior to your arrival in the country where these restrictions are effective.

On flights from countries where these restrictions apply (including transiting airports or during connections), passengers may purchase Duty Free products after passing the security screening points or onboard of any leg of the flight.

Exception: in some countries, Duty Free purchases at the airport are only possible when these are delivered by a Duty Free employee to the boarding gate. Please make the necessary assurances before making any purchase.


On which LAN routes does this apply?


Country If you board in... If your final destination is... If you fly via (a connection in or in transit through)...
U.S.A. ticket ticket ticket
Dominican Republic ticket ticket ticket
Australia ticket ticket ticket
New Zealand ticket ticket ticket
Europe ticket ticket
Uruguay ticket ticket
*Chile ticket
*Peru (only international flights) ticket ticket ticket
Brazil ticket ticket
Colombia ticket ticket

*Important Notice: In these cases restrictions only applies flights LA530 and LA600 (Santiago/Lima/USA route)


Other elements not allowed in carry-on baggage

Mercancias Peligrosas Dangerous items (also prohibited as checked baggage)
Armas y elementos cortopunzantes Firearms and sharp items