Baggage Problems - Delayed

At LAN, we make every effort to continually make the baggage checking and transportation process more efficient. This is why we've been able to greatly reduce problems of this kind. Nevertheless, the infrastructure of the airports in which we operate, the security checks required by the airports' security organizations and the sometimes-narrow connection windows occasionally prevent us from delivering your baggage on time. In these cases, we assure you that we will take every measure necessary to provide you with your baggage as soon as possible.

In the event that your baggage fails to arrive with you, inform the LAN personnel at the airport at your destination. To do this, you must present your passport, ticket and baggage voucher. This information, plus that which you provide regarding the characteristics, color and contents of your baggage, will immediately be entered into our international search system. Once, the baggage will be sent to you at the address you provide.

You can also check your baggage's status using the reference number you are given by airport personnel upon reporting your problem.


If the information is not available please check back later or contact the airport closest to you.

If your baggage has not been located within the first seven days following your arrival, your report will be transferred to the airline's Baggage Central, where our specialized personnel will ask for more detailed information regarding the contents of your baggage. This process will require an additional period of eight days.

LAN Airlines would once again like to apologize for the inconvenience, and to inform you that such incidents are isolated and do not reflect our airline's high standards of service.