Pets and animals

Transport conditions:

- LAN transports domesticated animals including dogs, cats, and small, decorative birds. These animals must fall within the legal limitations set by the country they are entering. Proper documentation is also required.

- These animals will be kept in the aircraft's cargo area. Only helper animals will be allowed on in the cabin and then only if the route allows it.

- Other types of animals (and unaccompanied pets) will be transported via LAN's cargo department, LANCARGO.

- Pet transport requests must be made by contacting our Call Center or at a sales office at least 48 hours before the flight. Permission will be given depending on the type of plane used on the given route.

- These animals must be at least eight weeks old.

- The transport of pets and animals is subject to an excess baggage charge, with the exception of seeing-eye dogs, helper monkeys accompanied by their owner, and rescue dogs (For more information regarding this charge, contact our Call Center).