Items not allowed in baggage

For safety reasons, both checked and carry-on baggage is revised in each airport, since the transport of certain items is prohibited.

Not permitted in checked or carry-on baggage (dangerous items)

The transport of dangerous items that can put people’s health, security, property or the environment at risk is completely prohibited.

Failure to declare these items is against civil aviation regulations.

If you still have doubts, check all the exceptions for carrying special items in your baggage.

Flights to the U.S.A.

On flights to or via the U.S.A., carrying lighters is also prohibited. See more information.


Not allowed as carry-on baggage (but allowed as checked baggage)


Equipaje de mano Armas y elementos cortopunzantes Firearms and sharp items
Líquidos, gel y aerosoles Liquids, gels and aerosols