Terms and Conditions

LATAM ticket refund request form

NOTE: Your ticket refund depends on whether the conditions of the fare you purchased allow it. You always have the right to a refund of the fees and taxes paid for unused services.

How can I request a refund?

Ticket conditions

Tickets with additional services

Tickets redeemed using LATAM Pass kms., paid for using Travel Vouchers or that are partially used

a) LATAM Pass KMS.:

Flight distance Days before the flight (USD)
Change ticket Return ticket


0 - 2.400 kms.

0 to 5 days $35 $40
More than 5 days $20 $25


2.401 - 6.100 Kms.

0 to 15 days $80 $120
More than 15 days $40 $60

Long more

More than 6.100 Kms.

0 to 21 days $150 $300
More than 21 days $75 $125

b ) Travel Vouchers

c ) Partially Used

Refunds of fees and taxes

Timeframes according to payment method